Our wines are classified according to the traditional Burgundian quality pyramid, which is used in a modified version in Germany. Gutswein forms the foundation. It is followed by Selection and Single Site wines, while the peak of the pyramid comprises GC (Grand Cru) wines and other wines from exceptional single sites.

Our Gutswein

Our Gutswein are wines for the here and now. These are bottles you can open any time, without existential deliberation. Because these wines mean so much to us, we are dedicated to giving them the time and patience they need. The quality of our wine stems in large part from our strictly enforced reduced yields. The cap of 55 hl/ha benefits the eventual wines tremendously.

Our Selection and Single Site Wines

For our Selection and Single Site wines, we reduce our yields down to 35-50 hl/ha. This allows us to achieve a higher concentration in our wines. “SW” wines are wild yeast fermented and matured in Burgundy-made barriques.

Our Premium and “GC” Wines

The “GC” on our wines invokes the “Grand Crus” of Burgundy. The SW and GC wines are all grown in the estate’s finest vineyard sites. This includes our prized site, the Dottinger Castellberg, as well as parcels in the Auggener Letten, Staufener Schlossberg and Schlatter Maltesergarten. These wines undergo wild yeast fermentation and are then matured in casks made by the best Burgundian coopers. Our selection process restricts yields to 20-25 hl/ha. These wines are the pride of our estate, and a quintessential example of the style and quality for which the Martin Waßmer name is known.